Looking for help solving logarithm equations? Having a hard time with domain and range of composite functions or memorizing the unit circle? I can help. My experience includes working with college students on a variety of courses. If you are looking for help in understanding your coursework or even need help in reviewing the foundational concepts, you’ve come to the right place.

General Overview of Precalculus Content

(Content varies across curricula.)

  • Graphs, Functions & Models: Combinations, Composite, Inverse
  • Polynomial Functions: Complex Numbers, Theorems & Zeroes
  • Rational Expressions: Simplifying, All Operations

  • Rational Functions: Asymptotes, Graphs, Inequalities
  • Complex Fractions & Complex Numbers
  • Exponential Functions: Equations & Modeling, Binomial Theorem

  • Logarithmic Functions: Properties, Equations & Modeling
  • Trig: Functions, Angles, Unit Circle, Graphs, Inverse Functions
  • Analytic Trig: Identities, Angle & Product Formulas

  • Matrices: Determinants, Applications, Inversion
  • Conic Sections: Ellipse, Hyperbola, Rotation of Axes, Parametric Equations
  • Sequences, Series & Probabilities