Math Tutoring

If we are meeting online we will use this tool: Ahoy Bit Paper!
Otherwise we will meet in person. Regardless here are the subjects that I tutor:


Having prepared many students for Algebra I understand how crucial it is for students to master combining like terms, fractions and integers.

Algebra 1

My knowledge of Algebra spans junior high, high school and college. For years I have helped students understand how to solve equations, graph functions and master polynomials.


In order to succeed in Geometry a student must know how to solve equations. Often the hardest part of geometry for most students is constructing proofs. I’ve taught many students how to break apart a diagram and write a proof.

Algebra 2

In Algebra 2, I have extensively tutored factoring, quadratics, polynomials, logarithms, rational equations and radical functions. My experience also includes systems of equations, exponents, matrices, sequences and many other concepts covered in Algebra 2.


Looking for help solving logarithm equations? Having a hard time with domain and range of composite functions or memorizing the unit circle? I can help.


If you need help understanding limits, memorizing derivatives or working on integrals I can help you master the material.

What a First Tutoring Session Looks Like

Our first tutoring session will begin with an assessment. All past tests, homework and any other relevant materials should be brought to our first meeting. After the assessment, we will discuss a course of action which will support you in reaching your educational goals.

Once we have a plan, we can begin to address the material that needs to be covered. If you would like, we can also cover any essential skills or daily habits that you can implement to improve your academic performance. It’s important to regularly practice the concepts we cover in our sessions. Daily practice and good study habits ensure retention and reinforce understanding.

After we practice the principles and skills currently being learned, there will be a quick conversation regarding what needs to be worked on for the upcoming week.