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About Me

I graduated from KSU with my bachelors degree in Business. While finishing my degree one of my math professors pulled me aside and told me I should tutor. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it. But a couple years later her words came back to me and I decided to try tutoring.
I love it.

At the end of 2017 I passed my four hour, alternate educator math exam. Although I enjoy thinking of fresh new ways to relate math concepts, my true passion is to see people grow and realize their full potential. So often students become discouraged because of past failures or find a particular teacher incredibly confusing. Sometimes they even start to think negatively about themselves in the process. This is why teaching style is so important.

A tutor needs to have much more than a grasp on the material. A tutor needs to be an encourager, someone who has the ability to build understanding and right thinking. He or she should be someone who can come along side and remind the student that grades can be changed with hard work and the right attitude. Ultimately success is possible.

I love being a part of that positive shift. When a student starts to understand the material and begins to grow in confidence it’s a wonderful experience. My hope is always that the student will not only learn the material but also grow as a person and enjoy learning.