Algebra 1

Contrary to certain opinions, Algebra is actually good for something. Believe it or not we use Algebra in fashion, on eBay, in video games and of course in standard life activities like calculating how to pay for college or buying a house.  It’s astounding how much we use Algebra, sometimes without even realizing it.

General Overview of Algebra 1 Content

(Content varies across curricula.)

  • Scientific Notation & Standard Notation: All Operations & Conversion
  • Distance Formula, Midpoint Formula, Trigonometry Basics
  • Variable Expressions & Story Problems: Mixture, etc.

  • Exponents: Basic Rules, Negative Exponents, Fractional Exponents
  • Radicals: Square Roots, Cube Roots, Rationalizing Denominator
  • Terms: Variables, Constants, Coefficients

  • Slope: Graphing & Equations
  • Forms of Linear Equations: Slope-Intercept, Point Slope, Standard Form
  • Graphing: Quadrants, Ordered Pairs, Slope, X & Y Intercepts

  • Absolute Value Equations, Linear Equations, Radical Equations, Linear Inequalities
  • Evaluating & Solving Equations: Linear Equations (Distribution, Combining Like Terms)
  • Literal Equations, Radical Equations

  • Functions: Translations & Transformations, Graph & Data Tests
  • Polynomials: Adding & Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing
  • Scatterplots & Regressions